Leadership at The Door is made up of three pastors who co-lead through a plurality of leadership and responsibility.

Leadership at The Door is made up of pastors who co-lead through a plurality of leadership and responsibility.
David Thompson

Husband, father of four, church planter, drummer, music fanatic, chimney sweep, missionally minded, energetically visionary, passionately opinionated, rockabilly pompadour coiffure committed, old skool skater, lover of steak, hater of “greens”, just give him the fries, vintage “picker”, punk rock subversive reformer, busting out beyond the status quo, sinner saved by grace —fighting the good fight while the time remains.

Brent Maxwell

Husband, father to two boys and three girls, grandfather, musical “taster”, gentle warrior, printer technician, craft beer aficionado, fast with his words, “quick with the paperwork”, wittingly humorous, teary-eyed empathizer, lover of Gospel, community minded, original Basque (OB), prodigiously pastoral, tacitly cerebral, homemade salsa chef, bacon connoisseur, sinner saved by grace —in it for the long haul for the sake of God’s people.

Terry Hickman

Husband, father of three, grandpa, retired but not from Kingdom work, weekend bass plucker, shepherder of souls, quick with the quotes, willing to move outside of his comfort zone for the sake of the Gospel, home group junkie, pilot, willing to put up with young punks, tells it like it is, seasoned but still a student– not willing to golf his golden years away when there is still work to be done!