About Us

“The Door” – Our Vision, Mission, and Purpose within the name

“ I am the door.  If anyone enters by me, he will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture.”  ~ John 10:9


Through It is Salvation

“The Door” is ripped from Jesus’ bold statement of himself as found in the gospel of John 10:9.  It is a statement of exclusivity.  It is a statement in which He identifies himself, once more, as the only way.  His reference of himself as “The Door” is undoubtedly singular.  And what exactly is it that makes this door stand alone?  “He who enters by me will be saved.”  In a culture where people are passing through many doors of various shapes and sizes to find fulfillment, pleasure, meaning, and even hope, our desire and labor is to not just lead them to another door but to The Door.  There is salvation in Jesus Christ alone, and it is our purpose, in all that we do, to bring people before that door and implore them to walk through it, by faith, to life eternal.

Through It is the Fold

Once inside the door, all things become new.  There is safety, security, and community among the flock of God.  There is life abundant in which the sheep are fed, nourished, encouraged, and built-up into the fullness of what the shepherd has purposed them to be.  Within the fold they are no longer their own, but have become a part of something much greater than themselves.  Since they are now a part of the body, they are now a body part.  What God has made them in that body is now realized, exercised, and confirmed for the edification and well being of the entire flock, so that the body may be strong and healthy, not lacking in anything.  Training through discipleship begins toward life-long service, as servants, to God.

Out of It Comes Disciples

Now that Jesus has provided and equipped the sheep with everything spiritually needed, we are able to “go out” for the express purpose of leading more sheep to The Door.  Jesus Christ, by the indwelling power of His spirit, mobilizes His flock to further proclaim the gospel, to multiply, to duplicate. We do not count the current number of sheep within the fold and become satisfied.  We do not remain inside the fold that we may be isolated, comfortable, and altogether separate from the outside world.  Rather, there is a desperate desire, and clear command, to see others pass through the door and receive what we have received, for their eternal benefit and God’s eternal glory.  The pastures Christ has led us to provides us with, and trains us in, what we need to go in and out of the camp victorious and spiritually unharmed for kingdom expansion.

 Our Opportunity

We have been commissioned in Mathew 28:19 to “Go therefore.”  The initiative for gospel proclamation and disciple making is ours.  Often times the church settles (snuggles) into their new found, cozy home and only peeks out the window once in awhile at a lost and dying world, hoping that one day someone will stop by for a visit.  This is unbiblically passive, and ridiculously hopeful indeed.  For, “How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed?  And how are they to believe in Him of whom they have never heard?  And how are they to hear without someone preaching?  And how are they to preach unless they are sent?”  Those who have received the gospel of Jesus have received the spirit of Jesus. And those who have received the spirit of Jesus have received the ability to walk in His commands.  Once we get to this point of wanting to participate in the great commission, the next step is easy… spotting the need.

The natural progression now becomes an observation of the world around us to see where God would have us to ‘go.’  In following a biblical pattern, it would be a place that has been virtually void of deliberate gospel proclamation and initiation. A place dark, needy, and thirsty.  And sure enough, we have been given such a place.  A place very close.  A place where drug addiction and alcoholism is prevalent.  A place with a large percentage of broken homes.  Where single mom’s struggle to make it.  Where children are growing up without a strong male figure in the home.  Where nature, and all it has to offer, is exalted and worshipped daily.  Where a great “spiritual experience” is understood as a beautiful morning on a still lake with a fishing pole and a beer.  Where people strive for a form of “works righteousness” through superb recycling techniques, being eco friendly in all their practices, and making local habit.  A place where less than 20% of the population claim ‘affiliation’ to any kind of religious sect.  And where domestic violence tops the charts for police response.

This place is the Three Rivers area.  9.5 square miles without a direct church presence.  Our opportunity is to change that.  Our opportunity is to land a direct hit to the heart of this community by creating opportunities that allow us to build deep relationships with the people of this community for the express purpose of gospel proclamation.  To go into the “highways and the byways” of Three Rivers to meet the people where they are.  Whether that be through a coffee house setting, which is the natural social hub of Pacific Northwest culture; in-depth drug and alcohol ministries both to addict, as well as family;  or direct outreach to the large amount of adolescence that commune outside the library in groups everyday after school.   The opportunities are many, obvious, and ripe.  The spirit of God is moving here and “The Door” wants to be the vehicle.

John Calvin said, “The chief duty of the church is to make the invisible kingdom of God visible to the world.”  By the power and grace of God, we aim to do just that in Three Rivers.

The Door has three bi-vocational pastors  living and serving the community in Sunriver through a plurality of leadership and responsibility.